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Maxi Cabs: Your Most Reliable Airport Transfer


Every day a lot of people pass through the airport and a majority of them look for Taxi services to Avalon Airport. This is where we come in since our Get Maxi Cabs team provides dedicated service to and from the airport. We are always available to supply you with on-time transport for your last-minute flights.


Our round-the-clock service is so much more than the city’s public dispatches. By booking our services, you will get your very own reliable chauffeur-driven transport; our drivers will introduce some of the city’s points of interest to you such as mouth-watering cafes and obscure yet interesting nooks and crannies.


Bear with us as we set to recount some irrefutable reasons why you should choose our Airport transfer exclusively.


Maxi Cab is the Airport Transfer

Maxi Taxi service to Avalon Airport and Airport transfer are synonymous. If you ask us ‘What about the Airport Transfer?’ believe us when we respond: ‘we are the airport transfers.’ Not only does our team keep track of the entire flight schedule so that we can respond to your booking call at any inauspicious hour, but we also tailor our cab services according to your accommodation needs.


Advance Booking Facilities

Do you have an urgent meeting to attend right after your descent at the Airport? You can book our service in advance while on the flight and we will be there to pick you up. Even we have taken into consideration a little extra time in case you are late. You won’t have to wait for us since we will do the waiting for you. Simply book maxi taxi online and set forth.


Goodbye to Queuing Up at the Taxi Counters

A long queue can indeed be scary! More so when you barely have any time left for unnecessary ado. Well, this is precisely where we get a few heads up over the city’s hassle-some public dispatch. No queue, no waiting! You name it and we take you there.


Feeling lost? Look For Our Greeting Sign

Perhaps you are a newcomer or hiker to Melbourne and yet to know your way around the city or perhaps you are standing perplexed at the airport amidst all that influx of passengers and carts…

We will end your worries in one sweep since we let you pre-arrange a greeting sign to receive you with. Simply look for our sign with your name inscribed on it, from there taking you to your destination is solely our responsibility.


Text Message Notification

Want to be assured that our service is en route? We got you covered there too.

When the cab is 10 minutes from the destination, you will receive a free message notifying you of our approach.


Personalised Accommodation

Our People Mover in Melbourne comes in personalised varieties. Perhaps you need accommodation for your friends or colleagues during a corporate trip, or let’s assume you need accommodation for a differently abled person…. well, let’s make believe you want a whole wedding troupe to set sail from the airport, we have specialised responses to all your needs in the modes of wheelchair accessible taxi, corporate travel and so on. Our maxi cab can accommodate up to eleven passengers at once.


Thus it is time that instead of hiring multiple public dispatches, you can simply hire our service and fit your whole troop in.


Set Sail from the Airport

A considerable effort on our part has gone into making airport transfer seamless and hassle-free for you. From the timetables of flights to receiving you with care, we designed every itty bitty piece of our service with care, prioritising one thing only: your comfort. Airport transfer is after all the best of our service, i.e. the best maxi taxi service.


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