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Our Maxi Cab Taxi Services are a Bliss to the Hikers and Newcomers


An airport cab service is of utmost necessity since the constant flux of flight-passengers demands a dedicated service to pick up and drop off customers at the airport.


Cab services in Melbourne will come to your aid when you are wandering off the airport aimlessly or standing in a never-ending queue for transport. Our Maxi Cab and Taxi Melbourne is just the thing you need after a long flight.


Why Avail our Airport Cab Service

Our cab service is dedicated 24 hours a day to serve newcomers, We provide several excellent options and amenities, which will ward off your fatigue and convince you to journey with us.

Here are some compelling reasons as to why our people mover in Melbourne is a bliss to the hikers:


Advance Booking Facilities

Since you can book maxi cab & taxi online in Melbourne, you can book our service three hours ahead of the time of the journey. Here we get better amenities than the city’s dispatch services. If you simply specify a time during booking, you won’t have to wait a single extra second since our cab will reach you promptly.


Say no to Queue

Once again, unlike the city’s public dispatch and pre-paid taxis, you won’t have to queue up in order to avail of our service. Our punctual cab driver will arrive at the scheduled time and transport you to your destination. Needless to say, newcomers and hikers who are usually trying to avoid such queues and crowds will benefit a lot from our extremely professional and prompt service.


Option for Greeting Sign and Text Message Signal

Here is an excellent feature of our service, designed keeping those of the newcomers and hikers in mind:

  • An additional greeting sign bearing the passenger’s name can be arranged at the airport gate for free.
  • A text message signal announcing that your cab is closing in and only 10 minutes away from the destination.


A Consistent Availability

Our cab services, taxi to airport and back are available round the clock, 24*7. You can hire/book a cab at any hour of the day, from and to the airport.


Set Sail

If I am stranded at the airport and to choose the best cab service near me, I would go no far than Maxi Cab. Without a shade of a doubt, our well-organised and prompt service is dedicated to gift you a pleasant and seamless journey.


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