Get Maxi Cabs was founded to provide you with a pleasant travel experience. Our primary goal is to assist customers in hiring taxis. We will pick you up from your location and drop you off at your destination at a reasonable fee. We will call you if you book a cab through “Get Maxi Cabs.” You must pick up your phone and call or send a proposal to “Get Maxi Cabs,” where you may specify the type of vehicle, seating arrangement, and location. ‘Get Maxi Cabs’ is the top maxi cab service in Melbourne. People use it for various purposes such as airport transfers, corporate travel, party bookings, family gatherings, school activities, and daily journeys. We provide the highest quality taxi and maxi cab services in Melbourne as one of Melbourne’s most trusted Taxi Service Providers. We offer on-demand pre-booked cabs and transportation services to groups of people who want to get to their location safely. As a result, we provide dependable taxi services to each of our customers in the city. Our top priority at Get Maxi Cabs is to ensure that you have a pleasant and cheap travel experience. You may reserve a cab with ease using our simple Online Cab booking service for Melbourne Airport with the help of online booking form, knowing that our dependable service will be available when you need it. We can meet all your travel needs with a wide range of vehicles and services.

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How can Get Maxi Cab Melbourne be your Travel Companion?

Are you still not confident in our capabilities? We are waiting for your call at 03 99430713. You will not have to worry about riding around Melbourne’s maxi cabs if you book a cab from us. Do you have any other thoughts? Call us right away, and we will answer all your queries. When you book a cab with us, you forget about other cab services.

  • In the city, it offers door-to-door passenger transportation.
  • Every pre-booked maxi van will pick up promptly.
  • We provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the same passion and devotion.
  • For the service, chauffeurs who have received professional training are available.
  • Vehicles with entirely air conditioned and has relaxing seats
  • We charge money following government taxi rates, and we are open about it.
  • Cash, Eftpos, Cabcharge, PayPal, and other major credit cards are just a few payment options available.
  • A quick and easy taxi service to get you where you need to go.
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City & Country Victoria Tours

Make sure to book our Taxi Service the next time you visit Melbourne with your family and friends to make your trip even more enjoyable. With our city and country tour services, we will take you around the city of Victoria, stopping at all the famous tourist places.

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Parcel Delivery

Are you looking for a more efficient and cost-effective courier alternative? All it takes is a quick phone call to Get Maxi Cabs, and we will pick up your box and deliver it to its destination faster and cheaper than a courier. So hire Maxi Cab Parcel Delivery today and avoid standing in lines at the Post Office or waiting all day for a courier to arrive at your house.

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Airport Transfer Services

We offer economical maxi van airport transfer services always on time, sleek, and clean. Hiring a Maxi Van Melbourne Airport service provides more accessible and more pleasant airport transport to and from Avalon and Melbourne Tullamarine Airports. Also, book taxi to airport or to mill park at the cheapest cost. Get Maxi Cabs provides a quick online booking option for Maxi Van Melbourne Airport transfers, a handy way to book. To book your Airport Transfer Service for People Mover in Melbourne, give us a call.

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Wheelchair Transport

We provide transportation that is accessible to the public. This covers same-day wheelchair transportation, on-demand wheelchair transportation, and other unique requirements. Get Maxi cabs is here to help, whether supporting a customer who uses a wheelchair, assisting a visually impaired consumer, or ensuring that a customer with unique needs feels comfortable and protected.

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Maxi Van Cab

Maxi Van Cab always offers the most dependable and high-quality maxi van cabs. In and around Melbourne, Maxi van cabs are recognized for their smooth and comfortable rides. Maxi Van Cabs is the market leader in People Mover in Melbourne because we offer Melbourne’s most acceptable rates and services.

A Maxi Van Cab makes travelling with bags convenient and comfortable in a group. To ensure that your Melbourne airport transfer or group tour is secure, calm, and pleasurable, we provide the safest, most dependable, and highest-quality maxi van cabs. In addition, we are pleased to offer Melbourne’s most competitive pricing and services

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People Movers in Melbourne

Commuters can save both time and money by taking the People Movers Service in Melbourne. Get Maxi Cabs is pleased to announce the launch of the Luxury People Mover Melbourne service, which is available for airport transfers, sightseeing, group travel, and individual travel on a sharing basis. The People mover car comfortably seats 11 people. Each of them will have enough legroom. There is sufficient room above and between them and other passengers. There is also enough room for the passenger’s carry-on bag if he or she needs it.

Our Best people mover hire service should be excellent for you if you desire luxury but do not want to spend a lot of money on your trips. For corporate travel, family trips, wedding transfers, and other special occasions, for example, you could employ our services. You might choose to employ our services if you do not want to sacrifice style or luxury but are concerned about cost. Individuals and businesses hire us because they know we will consistently meet their needs. In Melbourne, do you need a taxi with a child seat? You are safe with us.

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Our taxis fit up to 11 passengers; however, this number may vary slightly depending on how much luggage your group has.

How do I book a maxi cab?

Use our simple maxi cab booking form or call us on 0404 355 933

Can I book a taxi near me?

When you call us or book a taxi online, we immediately send out an available taxi cab closest to where you are. So you’re never waiting long for a Maxi Cab! Alternatively, if you see a Maxi Cab you can hail it without even having to call us.

Do we need to pay per person in a Maxi Cab?

No, the fare is calculated based on your trip’s distance and is not charged on a per-person basis. Our drivers always take the most direct route to keep costs low and get you to your destination on time. Of course, if you are splitting the cost, filling the taxi to capacity means you’ll pay a cheaper fare per person.

Can the Driver help with luggage?

Yes, our drivers take care of the heavy lifting for you, so all you need to do is sit back and relax.

Are the Maxi Cabs equipped to take people with disability? Yes, we have wheelchair-accessible taxis, and our drivers are expertly trained to assist people with disability in and out of the taxis.

Are the taxis safe?

Your safety is our main priority. Our drivers undergo routine training to maintain the highest level of service in all types of scenarios. All of our Maxi Cabs are thoroughly maintained to ensure they pass all levels of
safety tests.

Can I get a taxi to Melbourne Airport?

Absolutely! We are proud to offer our Melbourne Airport transfer services for you to book taxi to Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport. Our Taxis transfer travellers to and from both airports seven days a week at any time

How do the day trips work?

It depends on your itinerary. For example, if we are taking you on a wine tour, we will stay close by to transfer you from one winery to the next, so you’re on time for your tastings. If you are spending the day at a destination,
we will drop you off on time and then be back later to pick you up.

How do I book a day trip or sightseeing tour? You can leave a message on our contact form and we’ll promptly get back to you to discuss, or simply give us a call.

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